20 Must Try Dishes of Sydney

The Daily Telegraph has compiled its list of must eat meals in Sydney. Our very own, Chef Joel, has made the list with his slimy mackerel with potato, dill seeds and yoghurt. Labeled as a gutsy show-stopper, this is a must taste dinner. Other meals featured in the article include champagne lobster french toast by Chef Matt Moran. A technical and fun twist on fish and chips by Bistro Guilluame, Whiting Colbert, Pomme Pont Neuf, beurre maitre d’hotel. If sweets are what you are seeking, then the Mercados’ Rosewater meringue with watermelon and pistachio is exactly what your taste buds are demanding.

Whether you are looking for a new food adventure or a delightful surprise for lunch in Sydney, then plan on swinging by The Gantry. Give our slimy mackerel a taste or Holmbrae hen. The amazing cuisine of Sydney is calling, indulge your taste buds today.

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